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Working Alone Policy

department of psychology

There are no dangerous procedures and no dangerous equipment or substances in any McGuinn Hall lab, and therefore we do not have a working alone policy for anyone who works in our McGuinn Hall labs, including undergraduates.

In terms of labs in Higgins, there are many innocuous procedures (e.g. tissue handling and processing, behavioral and anatomical data analysis) performed by undergraduates who have been trained, and therefore we do not have a working alone policy for anyone, including undergraduates, when carrying out such procedures.

For all non-innocuous procedures we will adopt the policy of the Chemistry Department. These procedures include working with potentially hazardous substances (MSDS rating of 3 or higher) or using sharp instruments, as would occur during brain sectioning, and histological processing of brain tissue. When carrying out such procedures undergraduates do not work alone: There must be at least two undergraduates present. Any exceptions to this rule will need a prior written permission by a faculty member. However an undergraduate should be with a graduate student or faculty member during live animal surgery and during procedures using radioactivity. When anyone other than an undergraduate is conducting the procedures described above and is working alone, we do not feel that it is necessary to adopt the procedures adopted by the Chemistry Department.