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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

New Faculty Mentoring and Review

faculty handbook

We pair each new faculty member with a mentor who will provide advice on research and teaching. It is very important for new faculty to get the best possible mentoring as they get their new lab off the ground, apply for grants, secure undergraduate research assistants, and begin to publish the research program that they set up at Boston College. We want faculty to have the best support possible in preparation for their third year review which is entirely within our Department, and later for the university tenure review.

Third Year Pre-Tenure Review

Approved by the faculty May 19, 2004.

The purpose of the pre-tenure review is to provide feedback to the candidate as to how the members of the Department view the progress of the candidate toward gaining tenure in the sixth year tenure decision.

The candidate makes available to the Department all materials relevant to teaching, research, and service as would be made available for the sixth year tenure decision. However, no outside letters are used in the pre-tenure review. These materials are kept in a place with access restricted to members of the Department.

The Undergraduate Program Director coordinates a review of teaching. The Director examines all of the teaching materials submitted by the candidate and arranges for two faculty members to visit the candidate’s classes, when appropriate from different courses. Based on all of this information, the Director prepares a written report for the Chair.

The Chair strikes a small committee from members of the Department to examine thoroughly the candidate’s research and service accomplishments. This committee prepares a written report for the Chair.

The Department meets to discuss all the materials. Members of the Department read the materials made available by the candidate and come to the meeting ready to discuss those materials. The Undergraduate Program Director and the ad hoc committee summarize their reports. This is a meeting of the tenured members of the Department. For non-tenured members, attendance is optional; alternatively, they can make their views known to the Chair independently.

Based on this meeting and on the written reports, the Chair prepares a written report to be given to the candidate and placed in the candidate’s file.