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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Quantitative Psychology

research areas

Area Contact: Ehri Ryu—Quantitative Psychology: multilevel modeling; model fit assessment in multilevel structural equation modeling; two approaches to analyzing multivariate multilevel data; longitudinal data analysis.

Hao Wu—Quantitative Psychology: Hao Wu's research interest lies in the evaluation of statistical models in psychology. Relying on tools such as classical asymptotic theories, Bayesian statistics and information theoretic methodologies, he is particularly interested in issues such as how to compare multiple statistical models, how to account for the fact that models are not exactly true in reality, and how to handle nonlinear relations or non-normal distributions.

The Quantitative area provides statistical consultation to members of the department through the Statistical consulting committee. The Statistical consulting committee provides faculty and graduate students in the department with consultation on statistical issues in data analysis and research design. Currently, the committee consists of Ehri Ryu (Chair), Hiram Brownell, Sean MacEvoy, and Scott Slotnick. Click here for more information.