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Department of Psychology

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Department News

Sara Cordes and Alexa Veenema have both been granted tenure and will be promoted to Associate Professor. Congratulations Sara and Alexa! Posted 2/22/16.

Liane Young and former doctoral student Laura Niemi have an op-ed on victim blaming in The New York Times June 26. Posted 6/27/16.

Kelly Bennion and members of Mike Chee's laboratory at Duke-National University of Singapore Medical School have published a new paper entitled "Sleep restriction can attenuate prioritization benefits on declarative memory consolidation" in the Journal of Sleep Research. Posted 6/23/16.

Kelly Bennion and Elizabeth Kensinger have published a new paper entitled "The impact of napping on memory for future-relevant stimuli: Prioritization among multiple salience cues" in the journal Behavioral Neuroscience. Posted 6/15/16.

Maureen Ritchey

Maureen Ritchey will join our department in July 2016.


Research in focus

Liane Young, assistant professor of psychology and the director of the Morality Lab at Boston College, talks about her research that focuses on the cognitive and neural basis of human moral judgment and behavior.


Sara Cordes, assistant professor of psychology and principal investigator of the Infant and Child Cognition Lab, discusses some of the more than 20 research studies currently being conducted in the lab.