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Department of Psychology

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Research News

Liane Young Ehri Ryu

Liane Young and Ehri Ryu have both been granted tenure and will be promoted to Associate Professor. Congratulations Liane and Ehri! Posted 2/26/15.

Elizabeth Kensinger was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation, in collaboration with Jessica Payne at Notre Dame, to examine how "Stress at learning interacts with sleep to optimally consolidate emotional memories." Posted 7/21/15.

Kelly Bennion was awarded the 2015 Scott Mesh Honorary Grant for Research in Psychology. Posted 7/21/15.

Gene Heyman has been awarded an Ignite Award for his research on attention allocation. Posted 7/8/15.

Josh Hartshorne Katherine McAuliffe

Josh Hartshorne and Katherine McAuliffe will be joining our department as of January 2016.

Maureen Ritchey

Maureen Ritchey will join our department in July 2016.


Research in focus

Liane Young, assistant professor of psychology and the director of the Morality Lab at Boston College, talks about her research that focuses on the cognitive and neural basis of human moral judgment and behavior.


Sara Cordes, assistant professor of psychology and principal investigator of the Infant and Child Cognition Lab, discusses some of the more than 20 research studies currently being conducted in the lab.