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Department News

Scott Slotnick has been promoted to Full Professor. Congratulations, Scott! Posted 2/28/17.

Gene Heyman and two recent BC undergraduates, Jaime Montemayor (Chemistry) and Katherine Grisanzio (Psychology), published a paper titled "Dissociating attention and eye movements in a quantitative analysis of attention allocation." Posted 5/18/17.

Jim Russell has just published an Oxford University Press edited book, The Science of Facial Expression. Posted 5/8/17.

Karina Hamamouche, Laura Niemi, and Sara Cordes have published a paper in Acta Psychologica entitled "Quantifying a Threat: Evidence of a numeric processing bias." Posted 4/12/17.

Boston College has climbed to #22 in Forbes's America's Top Colleges. We are now in the top 25, up from #30.


Research in focus

Liane Young, assistant professor of psychology and the director of the Morality Lab at Boston College, talks about her research that focuses on the cognitive and neural basis of human moral judgment and behavior.


Sara Cordes, assistant professor of psychology and principal investigator of the Infant and Child Cognition Lab, discusses some of the more than 20 research studies currently being conducted in the lab.