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Program Types

study abroad


Most students study abroad to learn the language, culture, and history of a specific area; they therefore take a variety of humanities courses.


Some students study science while abroad. Health professions graduate school admissions committees will closely examine your performance in the sciences, so it is important that they (as well as the BC Premedical Committee) fully understand the science course curriculum that you completed while abroad. Therefore, if you are a science major, you must consult with 1) a staff member in the Premedical Office and 2) your major department well before you finalize your plans.

If you are a non-science major, you are required to consult only with a staff member in the Premedical Office. If you take a science course or courses while abroad, the Premedical Office will require a syllabus or syllabi for that/those course(s) and a transcript if available.