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Requirements for a Committee Evaluation

boston college committee evaluation process

Before you can be evaluated by the Premedical Committee, you must have completed one year each of the following basic Premedical/Predental courses:

  • Biology (plus labs)
  • General Chemistry (plus labs)
  • Organic Chemistry (plus labs)
  • Physics (plus labs)

In addition, our office must have received all requested materials (BC Committee Application, evaluation letters, transcripts, etc.) by the dates outlined in the Application Packet and Checklist Calendar. If you have not completed the above four (4) courses by the end of the upcoming Spring semester, you will not qualify for a Spring Evaluation.

In this case, another strategy would be to complete your remaining requirements over the summer. The Premedical Committee evaluates a small number of cases in the early Fall, and they would discuss your case at that time. If you choose to have a Fall Evaluation, all materials (BC Committee Application, evaluations, transcripts, etc.) are due by August 1st. Your Committee letter would be available to be sent out shortly after this Fall meeting — usually early October. As most applicants' files are complete by August, a Fall evaluation will put you at some disadvantage. For medical-school applicants, another, probably better option would be to apply early (June) on the next cycle.

In those cases where students/alumni have taken courses at other institutions, the Premedical/Predental Committee normally requires that at least two of the above four basic requirements be taken at Boston College in order to receive a Committee evaluation. Please make an appointment with the Chairman of the Premedical Committee if you have questions concerning the above requirements for a Committee Evaluation.