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Completing Pre-health Courses

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The timeliness of completing your premedical/predental courses depends largely on when you plan to apply to medical/dental school.

  • If you plan to apply at the end of your senior year, then you can use that final year at BC to complete your remaining premedical/predental courses (e.g., Physics).
  • If you plan to apply at the end of your junior year, you may need to consider doubling up on your science courses (e.g., Physics and Organic Chemistry) during your sophomore year, or you could complete a required premed/predent science course in summer school.

Before you make the decision about a summer school course, please be sure to read our Summer School Guidelines.

Some students have completed a required core premedical/predental course while abroad. Although this is certainly an option, we strongly recommend you consider all of your options before undertaking this step. Some of the concerns we have regarding required core premedical/predental courses taken abroad include:

  • Material covered — is the course equivalent to those offered here at BC (or in the US)?
  • Will the course adequately prepare you for the MCAT/DAT?
  • Will the US medical/dental school accept a course taken at a foreign institution?

Unfortunately, sometimes the answers to these questions/concerns do not become apparent until after a student has completed the MCAT/DAT and/or applies to medical/dental school. If you are considering completing a required core premedical/predental course abroad, we strongly recommend you talk with a staff member in the Premedical Office before making your final decision.