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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Special Programs

department of political science

Washington Semester Program

The University offers semester-long internship programs in cooperation with the American University in Washington, DC. These programs combine academic courses with internship placements in legislative, executive, and interest-group offices in the nation's capitol. Students sometimes do a Washington internship semester as an alternative to study abroad. The academic requirements for participation are the same as those for study abroad (i.e., a 3.2 GPA overall and in the major).


Students interested in the Washington Semester program should schedule an appointment with Maria Segala at the Office of International Programs in Hovey House.

Scholar of the College Program

Scholar of the College is a special designation conferred at Commencement on seniors who have successfully completed particularly creative, scholarly, and ambitious Advanced Independent Research projects during their Senior year while maintaining an overall cumulative grade point average of A- or better.

Undergraduate Research Fellowships Program

The Undergraduate Research Fellowships program enables students to gain firsthand experience in scholarly work by participating with a faculty member on a research project. Faculty members select students, and students receive a monetary award based on the scope and duration of the project. Students do not receive academic credit for these fellowships; their value lies in the close mentoring relationship students can form while working with a faculty member. All full-time undergraduates are eligible. Fellowships are available for the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. For more information on the program and application deadlines, consult the website for the University Fellowships Committee, or inquire with faculty directly to express your interest in being involved in their research.