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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Dissertations Defended

department of political science

Dissertations Defended During 2012-2013

Shilo Shadid Brooks

"The Cultural Crisis of Modernity and its Remedy According to Nietzsche"

Nicholas Starr

"From Self-Interest to Virtue: On the Moral Imagination in Rousseau's Emile."

Dissertations Defended During 2011-2012

Daniel E. Burns

"St. Augustine on the Nature and Limits of Human Law."

Alexander Chance

"Motives Beyond Fear: Thucydides on Honor, Vengeance, and Liberty."

Rebecca Clark

"Montesquieu on the Geography and History of Political Liberty."

Jonathan W.Pidluzny

"Why the Bush Doctrine Failed: And How An Inadequate Understanding of Liberal Democracy and the Islamic Resurgence Continues to Cripple U.S. Foreign Policy."

Brenna R. Strauss

"Aristotle and Plato on the Education of Women and the Spartan Regime."

Dissertations Defended During 2009-2010

Heitor Gouvêa

"An Iridescent Dream: Money, Politics, and The American Republic 1865-1976"