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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Marc Landy

department of political science

photo of Marc Landy


Ph.D., Harvard University

Curriculum Vitae

Office: McGuinn 517
Phone: 617-552-4172


Marc Landy has a B.A. from Oberlin College and a Ph.D. in Government from Harvard University. He was the recipient of the 2009 Teaching Award chosen by the student members of the Boston College Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. He is the Faculty Chair of the Boston College Irish Institute.

He and Sidney Milkis wrote Presidential Greatness (Kansas U. Press, 2000) and a textbook American Government: Balancing Liberty and Democracy, the third edition of which will appear in 2011. He is an author of The Environmental Protection Agency From Nixon to Clinton: Asking the Wrong Questions (1994). He is an editor of Creating Competitive Markets: The Politics and Economics of Regulatory Reform (2007); Seeking the Center: Politics and Policymaking at the New Century (2001); and The New Politics of Public Policy (1995). His recent articles include: "Terror and the Executive," National Affairs, Spring 2010; EPA and Nanotechnology: The Need for a Grand Bargain?, in Christopher J. Bosso, ed., Governing Uncertainty: Environmental Regulation in the Age of Nanotechnology (Washington DC: RFF Press, 2010); (Sidney Milkis, co-author), The Presidency in the Eye of the Storm, The Presidency and the Political System, Ninth Edition (CQ Press, Washington DC. 2010); "Mega-Disasters and Federalism," Public Administration Review, Vol. 68, Issue 6, October 2008; and "Great Presidents are Agents of Democratic Change," in Richard Ellis and Michael Nelson, eds., Debating the Presidency, CQ Press, 2006.


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