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College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Political Science

at boston college


Peter Krause

In a new article (Spanish) completed with his “Project on National Movements” undergraduate research team, Assistant Professor Peter Krause analyzes “When Terrorism Works: Success and Failure Across Different Targets and Goals”.

Alan Wolfe

Professor Alan Wolfe's tenure as director of BC's Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life will be celebrated with a daylong conference on April 14. He talks about societal changes since his arrival at BC in an interview with the BC Chronicle.

David Hopkins

A new study by Assistant Professor David Hopkins that explores which news major news networks are—and are not—trusted by Republicans and Democrats is featured by

Jonathan Laurence

Professor Jonathan Laurence reflects on the geopolitical situation in Turkey in light of the clash that surrounded the visit of controversial Turkish President Erdoğan to Brookings Institution last week.

Peter Skerry

Professor of Political Science Peter Skerry has the cover article of the Weekly Standard with his essay on the cultural contradictions of Islam in America. Read online

Emily Thornson

Political 'belief echoes'
Exposure to negative political information continues to shape attitudes even after it has been discredited, according to a paper by Assistant Professor of Political Science Emily Thorson in Political Communication. She discussed the subject on WHYY 'Radio Times' and with Agence France Presse, here via the Japan Times. Her research is cited by Vox's 'The Weeds.'

Marissa Marandola

2015 Truman Scholar
Marissa Marandola is a Gabelli Presidential Scholar and Honors student majoring in Political Science, with minors in American Studies and Management and Leadership. A native of Cranston, Rhode Island, she has interned in the RI Dept. of Attorney General and Family Court and with the RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity, an independent think tank. On campus she is the Editor in chief of Elements, BC's undergraduate research journal, and an executive board member for BC Splash, an organization that seeks to connect disadvantaged high school students with the possibilities offered by higher education. After graduation she plans to pursue a law degree and hopes to become an advocate for children as an education attorney.


Student Award Recipients, 2014-2015

Alexander Barton has been awarded this year's Behrakis Prize for outstanding essay in Hellenic political thought. 

Matthew Berry and Maria McCollester received the 2015 Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Awards, which recognize graduate teaching assistants and teaching fellows who distinguished themselves in classroom instruction.   

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The Jury In America
Past, Present, Future?
Friday, April 29
McGuinn Hall
5th Floor Conference Rm

In Print

Books published recently by department faculty:

The Philippines

The Philippines: An Asiatic and Catholic Archipelago by Pierre de Charentenay, S.J. Jescom.

book by susan shell

Kant’s Observations and Remarks: A Critical Guide, edited by Susan Meld Shell and Richard Velkley. Cambridge University Press.

book by Eve Grace and Christopher Kelly

The Challenge of Rousseau, edited by Eve Grace and Christopher Kelly. Cambridge University Press.

book by Dennis Hale

The Jury in America: Triumph and Decline, by Dennis Hale. University Press of Kansas.

book bt Jennifer Erickson

Dangerous Trade: Arms Exports, Human Rights, and International Reputation, by Jennifer L. Erickson. Columbia University Press.

book by Robert Ross

China in the Era of Xi Jinping: Domestic and Foreign Policy Challenges, by Robert Ross. 


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