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Department of Physics

Minor Requirements in Physics

undergraduate program

The minimum requirements for a minor in physics include the following courses:

The following introductory courses:

PHYS2200, PHYS2201 and accompanying labs PHYS2050 and PHYS2051.

The following intermediate level courses:

PHYS3100 and PHYS3300.

Two upper-level courses (PHYS4000 and above) of 3 or more credits each.

Many of these courses have prerequisites. Students are advised to consult with the Undergraduate Program Director when selecting these courses.

Substitutions: PHYS2100 and PHYS2101 may be substituted for PHYS2200 and PHYS2201, respectively, but the latter are preferred. Students must consult with the Undergraduate Program Director if they wish to substitute other equivalent courses for required courses or the corequisites.

Corequisites: MATH1102 and MATH1103 are required. MATH2202 may be required as a prerequisite for some of the upper-level physics courses. Students should consult with the Undergraduate Program Director to determine whether they will need to take these additional mathematics courses.