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Spectroscopy Group

Physics Department

The Spectroscopy Laboratory of the Boston College Department of Physics conducts research on the optical properties of solids. Most of our investigations are in large bandgap solids doped with transition metal and/or rare-earth ions which form optically active centers.

Our focus is on the response of these systems following the absorption of radiation, as the electronic energy is converted into heat and light. By observing the luminescence, we are able to track the energy through various pathways and infer information about the processes that dictate the optical behavior of these systems.

Whether in solid-state laser, lamp phosphor, or optical storage materials, the story told by the luminescence relates directly to their usefulness in applications. Processes of interest include non-radiative energy transfer, multi-phonon relaxation, radiative emission and absorption, and non-linear upconversion processes.

Recently we have directed our attention to the spectroscopy of oxide nano-powders doped with rare earth or transition metal ions


The Spectroscopy Group. From Top Left: Isabella Huang, Gönül Özen, Xuesheng Chen, Ottavio Forte, John Collins, Humeyra Orucu, Rino Di Bartolo, the Boston College Eagle