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Department of Physics

Recent Research Examples


To learn more about some of the research being conducted within the Department of Physics at Boston College, click on the links provided below.

Lattice thermal conductivity of supported graphene
(Collaboration between Prof. Broido, UT Austin, and CEA Grenoble)

Student training in Muon spin spectroscopy
(Prof. Graf Lab)

Spin dynamics and correlations in single-ion magnets
(Prof. Graf Lab)

Counter-synchronous sloshing
(Collaboration between Profs. Herczyński and Weidman, UC Boulder)

Instability generated by a charged particle beam penetrating a plasma crystal
(Collaboration between Profs. Kalman, Kyrkos and Rosenberg, UCSD)

Negative refraction in polaritonic crystals
(Collaboration between Profs. Kempa and Pendry, Imperial College, London)

Homotopic surfaces of the pnictide superconductors
(Collaboration between Profs. Madhavan and Wang)

Discovery of spin excitation mode in spectra of electron-doped superconductors
(Collaboration between Profs. Madhavan, Wang and Ding)

Nanocoax solar cells(Collaboration between Profs. Kempa, Naughton and Ren)

Finite size effects in Q1D organic superconductors
(Prof. Naughton Lab)

Nanoelectrodes for biomolecular sensing
(Prof. Naughton Lab)

Hot electrons in ultrathin photovoltaic junctions(Collaboration between Profs. Kempa, Naughton, Ren and Herczyński)

α-Uranium, angle resolved photo-emission spectroscopy(Prof. Opeil Lab)

Topological insulators and related topological defects(Prof. Ran)

Structural and magnetic order in iron pnictides
(Prof. Wilson)



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