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Department of Physics

Experimental Research


  • Professor Di Bartolo's Group - Solid-state spectroscopy of laser-type materials, luminescence spectroscopy, flash photolysis and molecular spectroscopy, photoacoustics, femtospectroscopy, summer schools in atomic and molecular spectroscopy. Professor Di Bartolo; program sponsored by NASA and NATO.
  • Professor Graf's Group - Low temperature condensed matter physics; materials in strong magnetic fields, nanostructured superconductors, heavy fermion superconductors, thermoelectric materials. Professor Graf; program supported through Petroleum Research Fund and National Science Foundation.
  • Professor Naughton's Group - Physics and chemistry of quasi one and quasi two dimensional electron systems; low temperature, high magnetic fieldelectricaland magnetic properties of organic conductors and superconductors, cuprate superconductors, low dimensional semiconductor structures and novel magnetic systems; anisotropic torque and magnetotransport measurements; commensurability resonances and spin density wave states; growth of organic conductors; magnetometry techniques in large static and pulsed magnetic fields. Professor Naughton; program sponsored by the National Science Foundation.
  • Professor Opeil's Group - Resonant ultrasound and Barkhausen noise in shape memory alloys, such as Ni2MnGa and AuZn. Professor Opeil.