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Department of Physics

Ruihua He

assistant professor of physics


Phone: 617-552-0846

Office: Higgins Hall 230G



Ph.D., Stanford University

B.S., Fudan University

Areas of Research

Experimental studies of strongly correlated electron systems, including cuprates, iridates, and other complex oxides, transition metal dichalcogenides, etc. in the form of bulk single crystals and thin films, with various techniques based on synchrotron radiations, mainly, angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, resonant elastic x-ray scattering, x-ray circular dichroism; also with in-house facilities, including low-temperature quantum capacitance and electric field penetration measurements. Supported by the National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Program  (CAREER).

Selected Publications

J. He, P. Shafer, T. R. Mion, V. T. Tra, Q. He, J. T. Kong, Y.-D. Chuang, W. L. Yang, M. J. Graf, J.-Y. Lin, Y.-H. Chu, E. Arenholz, R.-H. He, “Observation of a three-dimensional quasi-long-range electronic supermodulation in YBa2Cu3O7-x/La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 heterostructures”, Nature Communications 7, 10852 (2016).

J. He, T. Hogan, T. R. Mion, H. Hafiz, Y. He, J. D. Denlinger, S.-K. Mo, C. Dhital, X. Chen, Q. Lin, Y. Zhang, M. Hashimoto, H. Pan, D. H. Lu, M. Arita, K. Shimada, R. S. Markiewicz, Z. Wang, K. Kempa, M. J. Naughton, A. Bansil, S. D. Wilson, R.-H. He, “Spectroscopic evidence for negative electronic compressibility in a quasi-three-dimensional spin-orbit correlated metal”, Nature Materials 14, 577 (2015).

M. Hashimoto, E. A. Nowadnick, R.-H. He, I. M. Vishik, B. Moritz, Y. He, K. Tanaka, R. G. Moore, D. H. Lu, Y. Yoshida, M. Ishikado, T. Sasagawa, K. Fujita, S. Ishida, S. Uchida, H. Eisaki, Z. Hussain, T. P. Devereaux, Z.-X. Shen, “Direct spectroscopic evidence for phase competition between the pseudogap and superconductivity in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d”, Nature Materials 14, 37 (2015).

M. Hashimoto, I. M. Vishik, R.-H. He, T. P. Devereaux, Z.-X. Shen, “Energy gaps in high-transition-temperature cuprate superconductors”, Nature Physics 10, 483 (2014).

Z. K. Liu, R.-H. He, D. H. Lu, M. Yi, Y. L. Chen, M. Hashimoto, R. G. Moore, S.-K. Mo, E. A. Nowadnick, J. Hu, T. J. Liu, Z. Q. Mao, T. P. Devereaux, Z. Hussain, Z.-X. Shen, “Measurement of coherent polarons in the strongly coupled antiferromagnetically ordered iron-chalcogenide Fe1.02Te using angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy”, Physical Review Letters 110, 037003 (2013).

P. D. C. King, R. H. He, T. Eknapakul, S.-K. Mo, Y. Kaneko, S. Harashima, Y. Hikita, S. Bahramy, C. Bell, Y. Tokura, Z.-X. Shen, H. Y. Hwang, F. Baumberger, W. Meevasana, “Subband structure of a two-dimensional electron gas formed at the polar surface of the strong spin-orbit perovskite KTaO3”, Physical Review Letters 108, 117602 (2012).

R.-H. He*, M. Hashimoto*, H. Karapetyan, J. D. Koralek, J. P. Hinton, J. P. Testaud, V. Nathan, Y. Yoshida, H. Yao, K. Tanaka, W. Meevasana, R. G. Moore, D. H. Lu, S.-K. Mo, M. Ishikado, H. Eisaki, Z. Hussain, T. P. Devereaux, S. A. Kivelson, J. Orenstein, A. Kapitulnik, Z.-X. Shen, “From a single-band metal to a high-temperature superconductor via two thermal phase transitions”, Science 331, 1579 (2011). [* equal contribution]

R.-H. He, M. Fujita, M. Enoki, M. Hashimoto, S. Iikubo, S.-K. Mo, H. Yao, T. Adachi, Y. Koike, Z. Hussain, Z.-X. Shen, K. Yamada, “Hidden itinerant-spin phase in heavily overdoped La2-xSrxCuO4 superconductors revealed by dilute Fe doping: A combined neutron scattering and angle-resolved photoemission study”, Physical Review Letters 107, 127002 (2011).

W. Meevasana*, P. D. C. King*, R. H. He, S.-K. Mo, M. Hashimoto, F. Baumberger, Z.-X. Shen, “Creation and control of a two-dimensional electron liquid at the bare SrTiO3 surface”, Nature Materials 10, 114 (2011). [* equal contribution]

M. Hashimoto*, R.-H. He*, K. Tanaka, J. P. Testaud, W. Meevasana, R. G. Moore, D. H. Lu, H. Yao, Y. Yoshida, H. Eisaki, T. P. Devereaux, Z. Hussain, Z.-X. Shen, “Particle-hole symmetry breaking in the pseudogap state of Bi2201”, Nature Physics 6, 414 (2010). [* equal contribution]

R.-H. He, K. Tanaka, S.-K. Mo, T. Sasagawa, M. Fujita, T. Adachi, N. Mannella, K. Yamada, Y. Koike, Z. Hussain, Z.-X. Shen, “Energy gaps in the failed high-Tc superconductor La1.875Ba0.125CuO4”, Nature Physics 5, 119 (2009).