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Department of Physics

Dr. Cyril P. Opeil, S.J.

associate professor


Phone: 617-552-8450
Higgins Hall 330J

Professor Opeil's Lab Website


  • Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, Los Alamos National Laboratory
    (Advisers: J. L. Smith and R. K. Schulze)
  • Ph.D., Experimental Physics, Boston College
    (Adviser: M. J. Graf)
  • S.T.M., Masters in Theological Anthropology
    Graduate Theological Union
    Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley
  • M. Div., Master of Divinity
    Graduate Theological Union
    Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley
  • B.S., Electronics Engineering
    University of Scranton, Scranton

Research Areas and Interests

Photoemission Spectroscopy and Fermi surface studies of single crystal Uranium, SnTe and Ni2MnGa.

Developing new thermoelectric materials through nano-crystallization preparation techniques, (e.g. Bi2Te3, PbTe, BixSbyHo, FeSb2 and YbAl3). Specialized in measurement of Seebeck coefficient, thermal conductivity, and electrical resistivity at 2 <T< 350 K and H  90000 Oe. High-temperature measurements of thermoelectric materials of Van der Paux resistivity and Seebeck coefficient (300 <T< 850K, H = 0).

Exploration of martinsite materials and shape memory alloys (e.g. Ni2MnGa, AuZn, V3Si1-xMx) via resistivity, magneto-resistivity, dilatometry, specific heat and point contact spectroscopy.

Meteorite Formation: Experiments on a variety of meteorites species include investigation of thermal conductivity, specific heat and Young's modulus at 4 <T< 300 K. These experiments in collaboration with the Vatican Observatory and Central Florida U. focus on gathering new data towards a better understanding of how meteorites and planets form from interplanetary dust.

Selected Publications

For a list of Publications please see the Opeil Laboratory Website.

Invited Talks

For a list of Invited Talks please see the Opeil Laboratory Website.