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Department of Physics

Dr. Andrzej Herczynski

research associate professor and laboratory director


Phone: 617-552-3582
Higgins Hall 230D



Ph.D., Physics, Lehigh University
M.S., Physics, Lehigh University
M.S., Mathematics, Warsaw University (Poland)

Areas of Research

Mathematical modeling in fluid dynamics – perturbation methods for compressible flows, thermal processes under reduced gravity, similarity solutions in hydrodynamics.

Physics and art – scaling properties and fluid-dynamical effects in Jackson Pollock’s poured abstractions.


Visiting Fellowship, Newton Institute, University of Cambridge, July–Aug. & Nov. 2012
Boston College Faculty Fellowship, Spring 2011
Teaching with New Media Award, Boston College, May 2007
University Fellowship, Lehigh University, 1985-1986

Books and Essays

  • A. Herczynski, Between the Two Cultures, in Collegium College Kolegium, College and the Academic Community in the European and the American Tradition, M. O Connor and P. Wilczek editors, Warsaw University, 2011.
  • C. Cernuschi, and A. Herczynski, "Cutting Pollock Down to Size: the Boundaries of the Poured Technique", in Pollock Matters, Ellen G. Landau and Claude Cernuschi, eds. McMullen Museum, August 2007.
  • C. Cernuschi, A. Herczynski, and D. Martin, "Abstract Expressionism and Fractal Geometry," in Pollock Matters, Ellen G. Landau, and Claude Cernuschi, eds. McMullen Museum, August 2007.
  • A. Herczynski, "Introductory Physics Laboratory Manual," second edition revised, Wiley 2007; second edition, Wiley 2004; first edition, Wiley 2002.
  • A. Herczynski, in Macmillan Encyclopedia of Physics (J.S. Rigden, ed.). Macmillan Reference 1996: "Density" (Vol. I, 342-343); "Doppler Effect" (Vol. II, 378-382); "Rotating Reference Frame" (Vol. II, 616-619).

Selected Publications


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