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Department of Physics

Seminars and Colloquia

department of physics

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title Sem./Coll.
Jan. 18 Liang Wu
Department of Physics
University of California, Berkeley

Shining light on topological insulators and Weyl semimetals Colloquium
Jan. 25 Cassandra Hunt
University of California, Berkeley
What relaxation pathways reveal about light-induced coherent coupling in cuprate superconductors Colloquium
Feb. 1 Andrej Singer
Department of Physics
University of California,
San Diego
Nanoscale dynamics in quasi-periodic complex materials Colloquium
Feb. 8 Dustin Gilbert
NIST Center for Neutron Research
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Controlling physics at the nanoscale with the ion handle Colloquium
Feb. 15
Ben Feldman
Department of Physics
Princeton University
Real-space imaging of a nematic quantum liquid Colloquium
Feb. 22 Wanzheng Hu
Condensed Matter Department
Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamcis of Matter

Dynamical Control of Materials with Light Colloquium
Mar. 20 So Yeun Kim
Department of Physics & Astronomy, Seoul National University
Electronic structure investigation on strongly correlated magnetic vdW material NiPS3   Seminar
Mar. 21
Peter Littlewood
University of Chicago
Metal-insulator transitions in elastic media Colloquium
Mar. 22 Rainer Weiss
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Observations of binary black hole mergers: the beginning of gravitational wave astronomy Colloquium
Apr. 5 Christopher Laumann
Department of Physics
Boston University
Localization: Moving beyond Statistical Mechanics Colloquium
Apr. 19 Brian O'Shea
Michigan State
Better living through computation: Connecting the first stars in the universe to the Milky Way using cosmological simulations Colloquium
Apr. 26 Chandralekha Singh
University of Pittsburgh
Facilitating thinking and learning in and beyond the STEM classrooms Colloquium
May 4 Nuh Gedik
Department of Physics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Optical tuning of electronic valleys Colloquium