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Department of Physics

Seminars and Colloquia

FALL 2014

 Date  Speaker  Title  Sem./Coll.
9/23 Michael Hermele
University of Boulder Colorado
Fractionalization of crystal momentum and other quantum numbers Seminar
9/24 Olivier Delaire
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Phonon Transport and Thermodynamics Probed with Scattering Measurements and Computer Simulations Colloquium
9/26 Marcel Hoek
Institute for Nanotechnology, University of Twente
At the interface between electron and hole-doped cuprates Seminar
10/1 Angelo Mascarenhas
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
To Be Determined Colloquium
10/7 Cyrus Hirjibehedin
London Centre for Nanotechnology,
University College London
Using Electronic Coupling to Control Magnetic Properties at the Atomic Scale Seminar
10/8 Rohit P. Prasankumar
Center for Intergrated Nanotechnologies, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Unraveling the Interplay Between Electric and Magnetic Order in Multiferroic Oxide Heterostructures

10/17 Yonathan Anahory
Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science
Scanning SQUID-on-tip microscopy of vortex matter Seminar
10/22 Chang-Beom Eom
The University of Wisconsin Madison, Materials Science and Engineering, College of Engineering
Oxide Nanoelectronics Colloquium
10/28 Joseph Heremans
Ohio State University,
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineer
Thermoelectric and spin-thermal solid-state energy conversion Colloquium
Oleg Shpyrko
University of California,
San Diego
To Be Determined Colloquium
11/5 David Mandrus
University of Tennessee
To Be Determined Colloquium
11/12 Chen Yang
Department of Chemistry, Purdue University
To Be Determined Colloquium
11/19 Anand Bhattacharya
Argonne National Laboratory, Materials Science Division
To Be Determined Colloquium
Hans Christen
Materials Science and Technology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
To Be Determined Colloquium


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