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Department of Physics

Seminars and Colloquia


 Date  Speaker  Title  Sem./Coll.
1/21 Victor Brar
California Institute of Technology
Surface Plasmons and Impurity States in Graphene Colloquium
1/26 Charles Reichhardt
Los Alamos National Laboratory
The Dynamics of Active Matter Particles on Disordered Landscapes: Jamming, Clogging, and Avalanches Seminar
2/4 Stephen Boona
Ohio State University
Putting a new spin on heat flow: Solid state energy conversion and thermal spin transport Colloquium
2/11 Zhe Fei
Argonne National Laboratory
Nano-Plasmonic Phenomena in Graphene Colloquium
2/18 Ilija Zeljkovic
Boston College
Dirac fermions and broken symmetries in topological crystalline insulators Colloquium
2/25 Fazel Fallah Tafti
Princeton University
The bridge between physics and chemistry: from tuning materials to exploring new compounds Colloquium
2/26 Takehito Yokoyama
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Spintronics with topological insulators Seminar
3/10 Svetlana V. Boriskina
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tailoring optical darkness for light focusing, signal processing and emission shaping Seminar
3/10 Yifan Jiang
Institute for Advanced Study, Tsinghua University
Solving fermion sign problem in quantum Monte Carlo by Majorana representation Seminar
3/11 Byung Hee Hong
Seoul National University
Large-Area Graphene Synthesis and Transfer for High-Performance Devices and Biological Applications   Colloquium
3/18 Olivier Delaire
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Phonon Anharmonicity in Transport and Thermodynamics: Scattering Experiments and Computer Simulations Colloquium
4/30 Oleg Shpyrko
University of California, San Diego
Coherent X-ray Nanovision Colloquium
5/6 Shuheng H. Pan
University of Houston/Texas Center for Superconductivity, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Atomically Resolved Scanning Tunneling Microscopy/Spectroscopy of Iron-based Superconducting (122) Compound Seminar
5/7 Mark Steger
University of Pittsburgh
Out of the Cryostat: Room-Temperature Microcavity Polaritons Pave the Way for Quantum Based Technology Seminar


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