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Department of Physics

Seminars & Colloquia

fall 1999

Date Speaker Topic Sem./Coll.
9/8 Dr. Douglas D. Osheroff, Stanford U. Superfluidity in 3He: The Discovery Through the Eyes of a Graduate Student Colloquia
9/22 Dr. Federico Capasso, Lucent Technologies Quantum Cascade Lasers Colloquia
9/29 Dr. Franz Himpsel, University of Wisconsin Madison One-dimensional nanostructures by self-assembly. Colloquia
9/30 Dr. Robert Reeber, US Army Research Office Overview of the U. S. Army Research Office, Materials Science Division program Seminar
10/13 Dr. Robert Carovillano, Boston College Space Physics and NASA: Programs, Accomplishments, and Aspirations. Colloquia
10/14 Dr. Michael Efroimsky, Harvard University Inelastic Dissipation in a Freely Rotating Body: Applications to Cosmic-Dust Alignment and to Tumbling Asteroids and Comets. Seminar
10/20 Dr. C. C. Tsuei, IBM d-wave pairing symmetry and its implications for high-temperature superconductivity Colloquia
10/25 Dr. Alexander Lazarian, University of Wisconsin Madison Statistics of interstellar turbulence Seminar
10/27 Dr. Laura H. Greene, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Tunneling into High-Temperature Superconductors: Spectroscopy of Broken Symmetries Colloquia
11/3 Dr. Niels Gronbech Jensen, Los Alamos National Laboratory Predictive modeling of ion implanted dopant density profiles in semiconductors Colloquia
11/4 Dr. A. Zawadowski, Technical University of Budapest. Hungary Two-channel Kondo problem with two-level systems and the electronic dephasing in metals Seminar
11/10 Dr. William Warren, DARPA Mesoscale machines Colloquia
11/17 Dr. Erich Gornik, TU Vienna Coherent THz sources Colloquia
12/1 Dr. Ward Plummer, U. of Tennessee Surfaces: a playground for physics in reduced dimensionality with broken symmetry. Colloquia
12/8 Dr. Ernest J. Moniz, Under Secretary, U.S. D.O.E. Addressing the Nuclear Past, Shaping the Nuclear Future. Colloquia