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Department of Physics

Seminars & Colloquia


Date Speaker Topic Sem./Coll.
Sept. 16, 1998 Prof. Kevin S. Bedell, BC Physical Phenomena in 'High Magnetic Fields': Waiting to exhale. Colloquia
Sept. 22, 1998 Prof. Daniel Cox, UC Davis Mixed Valence Model for UBe13 Seminar
Sept. 23, 1998 Dr. M J Naughton, BC Fluctuation Magnetization in Cuprate Superconductors: Scaling and the Crossing Point Colloquia
Sept. 30, 1998 Prof. Ulrich Roessler, University of Regensburg Spin-Splitting in the Electronic Spectrum of Semiconductor Quantum Structures Colloquia
Oct. 6, 1998 Prof. Radha Balakrishnan, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences Nonlinearity and Geometry: Some Applications in Physics Seminar
Oct.14, 1998 Prof. Jean Zinn-Justin, CEA-Saclay Numerical determination of the equation of state of the 3D Ising model from quantum field theoryof the 3D Ising model from quantum field theory Colloquia
Oct. 21 1998 Prof. Edwin F. Taylor, MIT A Second Course in Physics; Special Relativity, General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics Colloquia
Oct. 28 1998 Prof. Tim Toohig, S. J., BC Directions in High Energy Physics Colloquia
Nov. 4, 1998 Prof. Bruce D. McCombe, SUNY Buffalo Negative Donor Ions in Semiconductor Nanostructures: Atomic Physics in a New 'Dimension' Colloquia
Nov. 10, 1998 Prof. Qing Hu, MIT Terahertz emitters based on inter-subband transitions Seminar
Nov. 11 1998 Prof. Fred M Cooper, LANL Exactly Solvable Potentials and Supersymmetry Colloquia
Nov. 18, 1998 Prof. Gabor Forgacs, Clarkson Physical Properties of Living Tissues and Their Biological Significance Colloquia
Nov. 24, 1998 Dr. Donko Zoltan, Research Institute for Physics of Hungarian Academy of Sciences Simulations of non-equilibrium plasmas Seminar
Dec. 1, 1998 Prof. Hartmut Monien, Bonn University Quantum Phase Transition of Strongly Correlated Bosons Seminar
Dec. 2, 1998 Prof. Miklos Gyulassy, Columbia Inverse Alchemy at 3x10^(12) K Colloquia