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Department of Physics

Seminars & Colloquia

spring 2011

Date Speaker Title Sem./Coll.
01/26 M. Zahid Hasan
"Experimental Discovery of Topological Order in bulk Solids and Superconductors" Colloquium
02/01 Vladimir Manucharyan
Harvard University
"Decoherence of a superconducting qubit due to coherent quantum phase-slips" Seminar
02/08 Daniel S. Dessau
University of Colorado, Boulder
"On the Origin of Pseudogaps and Fermi Arcs in Cuprate High Temperature Superconductors" Seminar
02/09 Douglas D. Osheroff
Winner of the 1996 Nobel Prize in Physics
"Superfluidity in 3He: The Story Behind the Discovery" Colloquium
02/15 Karen Michaeli
"Quantum kinetic approach to the calculation of thermal transport and the Nernst effect" Seminar
02/16 Alexis P. Malozemoff
American Superconductor
"Electric Power Applications of High Temperature Superconductors" Colloquium
02/23 Michel Meunier
Polytechnique, Montreal
"Plasmonic enhanced femtosecond laser nanoprocessing and cell nanosurgery" Colloquium
03/01 Arnab Sen
Boston University
"Phase transitions in "J-Q" type models in two dimensions" Seminar
03/02 David K. Campbell
Boston University
"The Fermi Pasta Ulam (FPU) Problem and The Birth of Nonlinear Science" Colloquium
03/14 Steven Weinberg
University of Texas
Winner of the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics
"Field Theory Problems in Cosmology" Magde
03/15 Ribhu Kaul
University of Kentucky
"Interlay of Quantum Criticality and Geometric Frustration in Columbite" Seminar

Wolfgang Ketterle
Winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physics

"Bose-Einstein condensation in ultracold gases and studies of superfluidity" Colloquium
03/17 Haigang Zhang
Institute of Physics,
Chinese Academy of Science &
University of California, Irvine
"Graphene Superlattice on Ru(0001) Surface" Seminar
03/28 Liangbing Hu
Stanford University
"Nanostructured Energy Devices: Manipulating Electrons, Photons and Ions" Colloquium
03/30 Jeremy N. Munday
California Institute of Technology
"Nanoscale optics and photonics: from the zero-point energy to photovoltaics" Colloquium
03/31 Jake D. Koralek
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California, Berkeley
"Ultrafast optics and the emergent properties of solids" Colloquium
04/05 Chris Laumann
Harvard University
"SU(2)-invariant spin liquid on the triangular lattice with spinful Majorana excitations" Seminar
04/06 Peter Moulton
"Development of High-Power, Tm:silica Fiber Lasers: Spectroscopy and Laser Physics" Colloquium
04/12 Ganpathy Murthy
University of Kentucky
"Bilayer quantum Hall effect at nu=1 in a periodic potential" Seminar
04/13 Stephen Arnold
Polytechnique Institute of New York University
"From the Death of an Icon to the Birth of a Physical Principle for ultra-sensitive label-free Bio-sensing" Colloquium
04/14 Rafael Jaramillo
Harvard University
"Oxide Thin Films, Electronic Inhomogeneity, and Advanced Solar Photovoltaics" Colloquium
04/19 Dmitri Feldman
Brown University
"Beyond bosons and fermions: how to detect and use anyons" Seminar
04/20 Paul C. W. Chu
University of Houston
"Superconductivity - from 4 K to 164 K and beyond" Colloquium
04/26 Zhengxin Liu
Tsinghua University
"Symmetry protected topological phases: realizations in spin chains and spin ladders" Seminar
04/27 Joseph Rizzo, M.D.
Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary
Lead Scientist on the Boston Retinal Implant Project
 "Development of a Retinal Implant for the Blind: Status of the Boston Retinal Implant Project and Overview of the Competitive Landscape" Colloquium
04/28 Fr. Paul Gabor, S.J.
Vatican Observatory Research Group
 "Are We Alone? Astro-Biological Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life" Colloquium
04/28 Robert Konik
Brookhaven National Laboratory
 "Exciton Hierarchies in Carbon Nanotubes" Colloquium
05/03 Anton Burkov
University of Waterloo
 "Spin-dependent transport and magnetic response in topological insulators" Seminar
05/04 David Pines
University of Illinois
"Grand Challenges in Superconductivity: From 1948 to 2011" Colloquium