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Department of Physics

Seminars & Colloquia

fall 2008

Date Speaker Title Sem./Coll.
Dr. Alexei Fedorov
Berkeley Lab
"Photoemission at the synchrotron: experiments at the Advanced Light Source at Berkeley" Seminar
Host: Prof. Ding
Dr. Hong Ding
BC & Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
"The new iron-based high Tc superconductors" Colloquium
Dr. Edward Shuryak
SUNY, Stony Brook
"Strongly coupled quark-gluon plasma" Colloquium
Host: Prof. Kalman
Dr. Jihui Yang
General Motors
"Thermoelectric materials by design" Colloquium
Host: Prof. Ren
Dr. Joseph Heremans
Ohio State University
"Beyond nano-thermoelectricity: atomically designed thermoelectric semiconductors" Colloquium
Host: Prof. Ren
Dr. Bogdan Mihaila
"Strongly-correlated fermionic matter in the dilute limit" Seminar
Host: Prof. Opeil, SJ
10/08 Dr. Matthias Bode
Argonne National Lab
"On the imaging of magnetic nanostructures with atomic spin resolution" Colloquium
Host: Prof. Madhavan
10/15 Dr. Goran Karapetrov
Argonne National Lab
"Vortex transitions in hybrid mesoscopic superconductors" Colloquium
Host: Prof. Madhavan
Dr. Peer Fischer
Rowland Institute at Harvard
"Refraction and handedness" Colloquium
Host: Prof. Dibartolo
Dr. Stavroula Foteinopoulou
IESL, Greece
"Tailoring light in space and time with nanostructures" Seminar
Host: Prof. Kempa
Dr. Peter Armitage
The Johns Hopkins University
"Towards the Lifshitz transition in elemental bismuth: Light electrons gone heavy at the metal-insulator transition?" Seminar
Host: Prof. Madhavan
Dr. Jeff Snyder
"Complex thermoelectric materials" Colloquium
Host: Prof. Ren
11/05 Dr. Li Shi
University of Texas, Austin
"Thermoelectric energy conversion in nanostructured materials" Colloquium
Host: Prof. Ren
Dr. Savvas Koushiappas
Brown University
"If it is dark, can you still see it?" Colloquium
Host: Prof. Padilla
11/26   Thanksgiving Break  
12/02 Dr. Nan Lin Wang
Institute of Physics, China
"Competing orders in the new FeAs-based superconductors" Seminar
Host: Prof. Wang
Dr. Marco Bettinelli
University of Verona, Italy
"UV and light luminescence of lanthanide ions in calcium scandium silicate and calcium yttrium silicate" Colloquium
Host: Prof. Dibartolo
12/09 Dr. J. C. Séamus Davis
LASSP, Cornell University
"Quasiparticle interference imaging in the superconducting and pseudogap phases of cuprates" Seminar
Host: Prof. Madhavan
12/10 Dr. Peter Littlewood
Cavendish Lab, University of Cambridge
"New condensates of matter and light" Colloquium
Host: Prof. Opeil, SJ


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