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Department of Physics

Seminars & Colloquia

spring 2006

Date Speaker Title Sem./Coll.
1/19 Edward Son
"Complex Plasma Hydrodynamics and Kinetics" Seminar
1/24 Guokui Liu
Argonne National Laboratory
"Spectroscopy and Fluorescence Dynamics of Lanthanides in Nano-phosphors" Seminar
1/30 Robert McDermott
UC Santa Barbara
"High Fidelity Josephson Qubits: Toward a Practical Quantum Computer" Colloquium
2/1 Owen VajkNIST "Neutron Scattering Studies of a Multiferroic: Spin Waves and Magnetic Order in HoMnO3" Colloquium
2/6 Filip Ronning
"Hidden Order at a Heavy Fermion Quantum Critical Point" Colloquium
2/8 Gareth Cook
Boston Globe
"Stem Cells and the "Truth": Ethics, Fraud, and Politics in Science" Colloquium
2/15 Sasha Balatsky
"Locality and Inhomogeneity in Superconductors and in DNA" Colloquium
2/17 Willie Padilla
Los Alamos
"Investigation of the Terahertz, Infrared, and Optical Properties of Novel Materials: From Metamaterials to High Temperature Superconductors" Colloquium
2/22 David Soane "Applications of Nanotechnology for Mature Industries' Colloquium
2/28 Z.Y. Weng
Tsinghua University
"Nature of Upper and Lower Pseudogap Phases" Seminar
3/1 Pat Doherty & Brian Sullivan
"An Overview of the Institute for Scientific Research at Boston College" Colloquium
3/7 Jungseek Hwang
McMaster University
"Optical Self-energy Effects in the Cuprates" Seminar
3/22 Khandker Quader Kent State "Fermion Pairing, Ultra Cold Fermi Atoms, and Crossing-symmetric Equations" Colloquium
3/29 Nanidini Trivedi
Ohio State
"High Temperature Superconductivity: Recent Progress and Open Questions" Colloquium
4/4 Ian Spielman
"2D Bosons in an Optical Lattice: An Experimental Study " Seminar
4/5 Angel GarciaRPI "Temperature and Pressure Effects on Folding/Unfolding of Proteins" Colloquium
4/10 Michael A'Hearn
"Deep Impact: A Journey in Physics" Colloquium
4/11 Brad Marston Brown University "Actinides in Solution: Disproportionation, Strong Correlations, and Emergence" Seminar
4/18 Jianyu Huang
Boston College
"Integrated Studies of Structural, Electrical, and Mechanical Properties of Individual Carbon Nanotubes by Using a TEM-STM System" Seminar
4/19 Paul LaMarche '75
"Going Underground to Look at the Sun" Colloquium
4/26 Andrei Lebed
University of Arizona
"Type-IV Superconductivity and Dimensional Crossovers in a Magnetic Field" Colloquium
5/2 Paul Weidman
University of Colorado at Boulder
"On the Regimes of Terminal Motion of Sliding Spinning Disks with Uniform Coulomb Friction" Colloquium


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