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Department of Physics

Seminars & Colloquia

fall 2006

Date Speaker Title Sem./Coll.
9/13 Young Lee
"The Physics of Frustration in Quantum Magnets" Colloquium
9/19 Jinwu Ye
Penn State
"Ginsburg-Landau Theory of Supersolid" Seminar
9/20 Ulrich Heinz
Ohio State
"Quark Soup— the Perfect Liquid" Colloquium
10/4 Gang Xiao
"Coherent Spin-Dependent Tunneling and Spintronics" Colloquium
10/11 Mike Norman
"Why Can't We Solve the Problem of High Temperature Superconductivity?" Colloquium
10/24 Yayu Wang
UC Berkeley
"Spin Thermopower and the Electronic Phase Diagram of NaxCoO2" Seminar
10/25 David Smith
Duke University
"The Power of Metamaterials: From Negative Refraction to Invisibility Cloaks" Colloquium
11/8 Raj Mohanty
Boston University
"Quantum Nanomechanics: Quantized Motion and Stochastic Resonance" Colloquium
11/15 David Nelson
"Crystallography on Curved Surfaces: Virus Buckling and Grain Boundary Scars" Colloquium
12/5 J.–M. Liu Nanjing University "A-Site Disorder and Phase Separation of Manganites" Seminar
12/6 Kris Kempa
Zhifeng Ren
"Radio-Technology at Visible Frequencies" SPS Talk
12/12 Chris Marianetti
Rutgers University
"A DFT+DMFT Approach to the Electronic Structure of the Cobaltates" Seminar
12/21 Yifei Zhang
"Epitaxial YBCO Films: Processing and Performance toward Practical Applications" Seminar