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Department of Physics

Seminars & Colloquia

fall 2005

Date Speaker Title Sem./Coll.
9/14 Claire Yu
UC Irvine
"The Transportation System Inside a Living Cell" Colloquium
9/20 Kokichi Oshima
Okayama University
"Molecular Ferromagnetism and Its Relation to the Low Temperature Structures" Seminar
9/21 Goran Krilov
BC Chemistry
"Modeling Protein Solvation" Colloquium
9/27 Harukazu Yoshino
Osaka City University
"Angular Dependent Magnetoresistance Effects in Quasi-1D Organic Metals - How to Touch a Fermi Surface" Seminar
9/28 Jeffrey Chuang
BC Biology
"Computational Approaches in Comparative Genomics" Colloquium
10/4 R.S. Markiewicz
Northeastern University
"Two Routes to Doping a Mott Insulator: Electron- vs Hole-Doped Cuprates" Seminar
10/5 Michael Giersig
"Self-assembly Induced by Chemical and Physical Methods" Colloquium
10/11 Kun Yang
NHMFL and Harvard
"Find Your Partner or Expel Your Competitor: Exotic Pairing States in Fermionic Superfluids with Unbalanced Pairing Species" Seminar
10/12 Ramesh Narayan
Harvard University
"Astrophysical Black Holes" Colloquium


John Tranquada
Brookhaven National Lab
"Charge Stripes and Superconductivity in Hole-Doped Cuprates" Seminar
John Tranquada
Brookhaven National Lab
"Seeing Stripes: Competition and Complexity in High Temperature Superconductors" Colloquium
11/1 Seamus Davis
Cornell University
"Is the 'Hidden Electronic Order' in the Cuprates neither Hidden nor Ordered?" Seminar
11/2 Seamus Davis Cornell University "Visualizing Complex Electronic Matter at the Atomic Scale" Colloquium
11/8 Gang Cao
University of Kentucky
"Orbital Physics: Unusual Colossal Magnetoresistance and Quantum Oscillations in the Mott System Ca3Ru2O7" Seminar
11/9 Andreas Heinrich
"The Properties of Single Atoms and Nanomagnets at Surfaces" Colloquium
11/15 Ganpathy Murthy
University of Kentucky
"Interplay Between Kondo Screening and Stoner Interactions in a Quantum dot" Seminar
11/16 Gabor Marth
BC Biology
11/22 Wei Ku
Brookhaven National Lab, SUNY Stony Brook
"First-principles Study of Strongly Correlated Systems: Filling the Missing Pieces of the Puzzles" Seminar
11/29 Rongying Jin
Oak Ridge National Lab
"Surprises on Cobalt-Based Oxides" Seminar
11/30   Cancelled Colloquium
12/06 Subir Sachdev
Harvard University
"Detecting Quantum Duality in Experiments: How Superfluids Become Solids in Two Dimensions" Seminar
12/7 Henry I. Smith
"Nanotechnology: Where Is It Headed? How to Get There?" Colloquium
12/19 Krastan B. Blagoev
LANL and MIND Institute
"Telomere Dynamics and Cell Proliferation" Seminar