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Department of Physics

Seminars & Colloquia

fall 2004

Date Speaker Title Sem./Coll.
9/15 Mark A. Eriksson
U. Wisconsin
"Spin coherence in silicon: can the material of the present also be the material of the future?" Colloquium
9/22 Jie Liu
Duke U.
"Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes: From Synthesis to Applications" Colloquium
9/29 Michael E. Manley
"Thermodynamics of metals with strong electron-phonon interactions" Colloquium
10/6 Neil Sullivan
U. of Florida
"Physics at High Magnetic Fields and Very Low Temperatues" Colloquium
10/12 Christian Lupien
Cornell University
"A 'checkerboard' electronic crystal state in lightly hole-doped Na-CCOC" Seminar
10/13 J.C. Campuzano
"What does photoemission tell us about the electrons in high temperature superconductors?" Colloquium
10/19 Antonio Castro-Neto
Boston Univeristy
"Anomalous metallic states due to the competition of charge density waves and superconductivity in transition metal dichalcogenides" Seminar
10/27 C.C. Tsuei
"High - Temperature Superconductivity : d-wave pairing symmetry and beyond" Colloquium
11/3 M. H. Lee
University of Georgia
"Love in van der Waals equation" Colloquium
11/9 Senthil Todadri
"Quantum Phase Transitions out of the heavy Fermi liquid" Seminar
11/10 Les Lee and Gernot Pomrenke
"Nanomaterials for Aerospace Structures: Air Force Perspective" Colloquium
11/16 C.C. Homes
Dept. of Physics, BNL
"Scaling laws in high-temperature superconductors" Seminar
11/23 Nico Papinutto
University of Pavia
"Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: Application to Frustrated Quantum Magnetic Systems" Seminar
12/1 George Crabtree
Argonne National Laboratory
"Vortex Matter: Solid, Liquid and Glass" Colloquium
12/7 Phuan Ong
Princeton University
"Vorticity, Loss of Phase Coherence and Enhanced Diamagnetism in the Cuprate BSSCO" Seminar
12/8 Jan Engelbrecht
Boston College
"Deconstructing a saltwater computer" Colloquium
12/15 Jainendra Jain
Penn State
"Composite fermions: Exotic particles in condensed matter" Colloquium