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Department of Physics

Seminars & Colloquia

fall 2000

Date Speaker Topic Sem./Coll.
9/20 Dr. David Christen, ORNL High-Temperature Superconductors: Basic Properties Related to High-Current Colloquia
9/27 Prof. David Pines, Los Alamos National Lab Science for the New Millenium: From High Tc to Complex Adaptive Matter Colloquia
10/4 Prof. Eugene Demler, Harvard University SO(5) Theory of High Temperature Superconductivity Colloquia
10/11 Prof. Pradeep Kumar, University of Florida Thermodynamics of Superconductors Colloquia
10/18 Dr. Mike Sennett, US Army NSSC Nanocomposite Fiber Technology Colloquia
10/25 Prof. Arthur Gossard, UCSB Making Waves at 10^12 Hertz Colloquia
11/1 Dr. Anny Usheva, Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Medical Center Specific DNA transcription without TATA-binding protein Colloquia
11/8 Dr. Sasha Balatsky, LANL Impurity States in Unconventional Superconductors Colloquia
11/15 Prof. Karl Unterrainer, TU Vienna Time-domain THz spectroscopy of semiconductor quantum structures. Colloquia
11/29 Prof. Mikio Takano, Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University, Japan 3d Transition Metal Oxides: How to Find New Phases and New Properties Colloquia
12/6 Prof. Walter Kohn, UCSB Electronic Structure of Matter: Wave Functions and Density Functionals Colloquia