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Department of Physics

Collaborator Receives 2010 William Crookes Prize


Dr. Zoltan Donko, a collaborator of Boston College Physics Professor Gabor J. Kalman, was awarded the 2010 William Crookes Prize for plasma physics. Dr. Zoltan Donko was honored at the 20th European Sectional Conference on Atomic and Molecular Physics of Ionized Gases for his major contributions to the understanding of the effect of elementary processes on the properties of gas discharges and strongly coupled plasmas. The prize is co-sponsored by the European Physical Society and Institute of Physics Publishing.  Dr. Donko graduated in 1989 from the Technical University of Budapest as an electrical engineer and has been with the Research Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since that time. The decade-long collaboration between Professor Kalman and Dr. Donko in the field of physics of strongly coupled plasmas has resulted in 29 jointly authored papers that have appeared in international scientific journals about the thermodynamic, transport and collective properties of strongly coupled plasmas.