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Department of Physics

Physics Department News Archive


  • BC Physics Faculty Team Developed Ultra-High Efficiency Solar Cells.
    BusinessWeek online>>
  • Brighton Middle Schoolers Visit Boston College. More>>
  • Department of Physics Researchers Received Nano 50™ Technology Award. More>> | @BC
  • Prof. Di Bartolo Won Alpha Sigma Nu Book Award. More>> | BC Chronicle
  • Vidya Madhavan Awarded Prestigious Grant. More>>
  • K. Bedell Named Vice Provost for Research. More>>
  • Senior Physics Major Heather Ferron Earns Academic Honors. More>>
  • Carbon Nanotubes: Kink Motion Reported for the First Time. More>>
  • Deep Impact: A Journey in Physics. More>>
  • Prof. Ren Receives 2006 Faculty Award. More>>
  • BC Physicists Stretch Carbon Nanotubes at High Temperature. More>>