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madhavan laboratories

Graduate Student Openings

The Madhavan Lab has immediate openings for two graduate students.

The group has two main focus areas. The first involves obtaining spin information at the nanoscale using spin-polarized STM, a technique at the frontiers of nanoscale research today. This project will be done in close collaboration with researchers at Argonne National Lab (ANL) and provides opportunities to obtain first hand knowledge of the various research programs at ANL and to get to know other researchers outside Boston College.

The second project involves the investigation of correlated electron systems as well as spintronic systems using low temperature STM. This research had already yielded a Nature and a PRL. We are currently studying the newly discovered Pnictides and plan to investigate complex spintronic materials in the near future.

The lab is poised to enter a new phase this summer with a new cast of graduate students and post-docs. This group will set the agenda for the research in the lab for the next few years.

Interested students should contact Prof. Madhavan as soon as possible.