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Department of Physics

Ph.D. Theses (previous years)

graduate program


  • J. Martin Rommel, "The Quadratic Density Response" (Prof. Kalman).


  • C. Yang, "Spectroscopic Study of Trivalent Neodymium Ions in Potassium Yttrium Fluoride Crystals" (Prof. Di Bartolo).
  • K. Blagoev, "Electronic Correlations in Fermi and Non-Fermi Liquids" (Prof. Bedell).
  • B. Bowlby, "Spectroscopic Study of Trivalent Praseodymium in Barium Yttrium Fluoride" (Prof. Di Bartolo).
  • H. Xie, "Current Driven Plasma Instability in Lower Dimensional Solid State Systems" (Prof. Kempa).


  • H. Gallagher, "Radar and Optical Observations of Plasma Convection Associated with Very High-Latitude Auroral Arcs" (Prof. Carovillano).
  • G. Lei, "Laser Photoacoustic Resonance and Molecular Relaxation Measurements" (Prof. Di Bartolo).
  • S. Radojev, "A Study of the Photoacoustic Response of Dilute Solutions of Iodine Vapor in Argon, Nitrogen, and Helium" (Profs. Goldsmith and Di Bartolo).


  • Q. Lu, "Theory of Subband Structure for Semiconductor Quantum Wells and Superlattices" (Prof. Broido).
  • H. Wang, "Photoelectric Effects on Photoluminescence of InAlAs/InP Heterojunction Interfaces" (Prof. Goldsmith).
  • F. Dong, "Calorimetric Study of Superconducting Indium in Porous Vycor Glass" (Prof. Graf).
  • M. Milbocker, "Cellular Automata Matrix and Graph Theory with Mathematical and Physical Applications" (Prof. Bakshi).
  • B. M. Walsh, " Spectroscopy and Excitation Dynamics of the Trivalent Lanthanides Tm3+ and Ho3+ in LiYF4" (Prof. Di Bartolo).


  • J. O. Wise, "Variability of 15 Micron CO2 and 5.3 Micron NO in the Lower Thermosphere" (Prof. Carovillano).


  • B. J. Dinerman, "Spectroscopic Characterization and 3-Micron CW Laser Operation of Er3+:Gd3Ga5O12 and Er3+:Y3Sc2Ga3O12" (Prof. Di Bartolo).
  • C. Du, "Exponential Form Solutions for Evolution Operators of Lie Algebraic Systems" (Prof. Bakshi).
  • B. A. Schaefer, "Magnetotransport Properties of U1-xThxBe13 in the Normal State" (Prof. Graf).
  • L. Zhang, "Analytical Study of High Latitude Plasma Convection in the Ionosphere" (Prof. Carovillano).


  • C. Beckwith, "Gaseous Absorption and Dispersion of Sound in a Resonant Cylindrical Cavity: An Acoustic and Photoacoustic Study" (Prof. Di Bartolo).
  • J. O. C. Barbosa-Garcia, "Monte Carlo Numerical Simulations of Non-Radiative Energy Transfer Process" (Prof. Di Bartolo).
  • P. Hong, "Luminescence of Chromium Ions and Energy Transfer Between Chromium and Neodymium Ions in Yttrium Aluminum Garnet" (Prof. Di Bartolo).
  • H. R. Poras, "Optical and Electro-optical Properties of Epitaxial GaAs Deposited on a Semi-Insulating GaAs Substrate" (Prof. Goldsmith).