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Department of Physics

Master of Science in Teaching

graduate program

The Master of Science in Teaching (M.S.T.) degree is administered through the Lynch Graduate School of Education in cooperation with the Department of Physics. It requires admission to both the Lynch School of Education and to the Department of Physics. This program requires at least fifteen (15) credits from graduate or upper divisional undergraduate courses in physics. These credits will most often include two of the following courses: PHYS7711, PHYS7721, PHYS7732, PHYS7741.

All Master's programs leading to certification in secondary education include practica experiences in addition to course work. Students seeking certification in Massachusetts are required to pass the Massachusetts Educators Certification Test. The M.S.T. qualifying examination in physics will be based on the student's actual course program. A research paper supervised by a full-time member of the graduate faculty is required. For further information on the M.S.T., please refer to the Lynch School of Education section entitled "Master's Programs in Secondary Teaching" or call the Office of Graduate Admissions, LSOE, at (617) 552-4214.