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Department of Physics

Courses Offered

 Undergraduate Courses
PHYS1100  Structure of the Universe
PHYS1101  Structure of the Universe II
PHYS1500  Foundations of Physics I
PHYS1501  Foundations of Physics II
PHYS1600  Special Projects
PHYS2050  Intro Physics Lab I
PHYS2051  Intro Physics Lab II
PHYS2200  Intro Physics I (calc)
PHYS2201  Intro Physics II (calc)
PHYS2100  Intro to Physics I (calc)
PHYS2101  Intro to Physics II (calc)
PHYS2110  Intro to Physics Recitation I
PHYS2111  Intro to Physics Recitation II
PHYS3100  Waves and Vibrations
PHYS3300  Intro to Modern Physics
PHYS3500  Adv Independent Research
PHYS3510  Contemporary Electronics Lab
PHYS4100  Mechanics
PHYS4200  Electricity and Magnetism I
PHYS4300  Numerical Methods and Scientific Computing
PHYS4350  Experiments in Physics I
PHYS4400  Quantum Physics I
PHYS4401  Quamtum Physics II
PHYS4480  Intro to Mathematical Physics
PHYS4505  Nuclei and Particles
PHYS4515  Physic/Conventional & Alternative Energy
PHYS4525  Foundations of Plasmonics
PHYS4535  Nanoscale Integrated Science
PHYS4545  Intro to Solid State Physics
PHYS4555  Optics
PHYS4565  Cosmology and Astrophysics
PHYS4575  Physics of Nanomaterials
PHYS4600  Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics
PHYS4951  Senior Thesis
PHYS4961  Senior Honors Thesis
PHYS5000  Readings and Research in Physics
 Graduate Courses
PHYS4535  Nanoscale Integrated Science
PHYS7000  Physics Colloquium
PHYS7707  Physics Graduate Seminar I
PHYS7708  Physics Graduate Seminar II
PHYS7711  Classical Mechanics
PHYS7721  Statistical Physics I
PHYS7722  Statistical Physics II
PHYS7732  Electromagnetic Theory I
PHYS7741  Quantum Mechanics I
PHYS7742  Quantum Mechanics II
PHYS7835  Mathematical Physics I
PHYS8725  Quantum Field Theory
PHYS8735  Techniques of Experimental Physics I
PHYS8736  Techniques of Experimental Physics II
PHYS8750  Particle Physics
PHYS8761  Solid State Physics I
PHYS8762  Solid State Physics II
PHYS8770  Special and General Relativity
PHYS8775  Foundations of Plasmonics
PHYS8799  Readings and Research in Physics
PHYS8888  Interim Study
PHYS8910  Seminar: Topics in Physics
PHYS8935  Frontier/Condensed Matter
PHYS8950  Group Theory
PHYS8970  Quantum Mechanics  III
PHYS8975  Many Body Physics
PHYS9901  Doctoral Comprehensive
PHYS9911  Doctoral Continuation