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Why Philosophy

philosophy department

Numerous studies have shown that philosophy provides excellent training in critical thinking and logical analysis. Philosophy is regularly recommended as an undergraduate major for students preparing for many of the professions. Philosophy majors consistently rank in the top percentiles of those taking the GRE and LSAT. As a mode of inquiry, philosophy provides students with the analytical and verbal skills necessary for success in any profession.

Although many practical benefits accrue to the study of philosophy, an undergraduate curriculum, especially a liberal arts curriculum, should not focus on narrowly pre-professional courses. Philosophy, the discipline at the heart of a liberal arts curriculum, is by its essence an open and rational inquiry. Philosophy provides a forum for the serious discussion of the most important questions, a discussion where students and instructors learn from one another and from the careful reading and critical analysis of the works of the greatest philosophers. Our experience is that students find our department a congenial place to investigate basic questions of life, questions that are often not addressed in the increasingly fragmented and specialized curricula of many contemporary colleges and universities.

Associate Professor Vanessa Rumble teaching class
Photo credit: Office of Marketing Communications