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The Minor in Philosophy

philosophy department

Philosophical study at Boston College provides an opportunity for open-ended inquiry and reflection on the most fundamental questions about ourselves and our world. The Philosophy Department offers a broad spectrum of courses in the history of philosophy, with special focus on Continental Philosophy from Kant to the present.

The requirement for the minor in philosophy will consist of a total of 18 credits: six credits of philosophy core courses, typically two, three-credit courses, followed by 12 credits of philosophy electives, typically four, three-credit philosophy elective courses. The philosophy minor is structured to give students several thematic options which correspond to the traditional divisions of philosophical inquiry:

  • Ethical and Political Philosophy
  • Aesthetics
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • History and Philosophy of Science

The Department offers in each of these areas a sequence of courses that build on the foundation of our two, three-credit core courses. In consultation with a faculty advisor, each student will design his or her own minor, typically consisting of four additional three-credit elective courses, for a total of 12 elective credits. Each program will consist of a coherent blend of required and elective courses. Substitutions may be approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the Chairperson, upon recommendation of the student’s faculty advisor.

Professor Vanderwall and student
Photo credit: Office of Marketing Communications