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Dianoia: Call for papers

philosophy department

Dianoia, the Undergraduate Philosophy Journal of Boston College, invites you to submit essays for the 2013 edition of the Journal. Last year’s inaugural edition was a great success, and we once again are preparing to publish. Any and all submissions are welcome, but we have several guidelines below that might be of some help. Also, this year’s journal will have the featured question of ‘Death,’ and we are looking to publish several papers on this topic. More details below.

What sort of papers is Dianoia looking to publish?

Dianoia seeks to publish thoughtful, original, and creative papers on any philosophical idea or topic. Essays must be accessible to a general undergraduate audience. We do not have minimum or maximum page restriction – we encourage creativity and originality, thus the length of the paper is not our primary concern. We welcome your insightful and inspiring papers on philosophy and/or of any philosophic nature (topics may include but not limited to: bioethics, philosophy in literature, philosophy of economics, philosophical theology, philosophy of biology, business ethics, etc.). Any submissions that meet these terms will be appreciated.

Feature Question of the Year

In addition to accepting philosophically oriented papers of all kinds, this year’s volume ofDianoia hopes to feature at least two essays on the topic of death.
Plato writes in the Phaedo that “Those who tackle philosophy aright are simply and solely practicing dying, practicing death, all the time,” and Montaigne writes in ‘On the Education of Children’ that “The first lessons in which we should steep his [the student's] mind must be those that regulate his behavior and his sense, that will teach him to know himself and to die well and live well." This year’s issue of Dianoia would like to ask the student body whether or not philosophy prepares the philosopher for death, if death is made easier by the study of philosophy, or whether philosophy is of no use when the Angel of Death comes. The best attempts to articulate the relationship of death to the study of philosophy will be rewarded with a small prize and the honor of being the ‘Featured Author’ in the second edition of Dianoia. We encourage all interested students to submit an essay on this topic, and we look forward to reviewing your submissions.

We would like to take this time to encourage all undergraduates to submit thoughtful and original essays to Dianoia: the Undergraduate Philosophy Journal of Boston College. Essays will be received with a deadline of January 14, 2013.

Please also check out last year’s edition online.

Questions/submissions? Please e-mail us at