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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Minor Requirements

music department

Note: Three digit numbers will no longer be used to reference courses, but are indicated in parentheses for reference.

Minimum of Six Courses / 18 Credits

The Music Department has designed a minor in music as a serious alternative for students who are vitally interested in music but either do not wish to make music their career or to go on to graduate studies, or who have majors that preclude taking music as a second major. The total number of courses required for the minor in music is six. Those wishing to minor in music should take the following:

  • One of the following:
    • MUSA1100 (MU070) Fundamentals of Music Theory, if they do not have the background in music theory needed before entering MUSA2100 (MU110) Harmony
    • MUSA1200 (MU066) Introduction to Music
    • MUSA1300 (MU030) History of Popular Music
  • Two additional music theory courses:
    • MUSA2100 (MU110) Harmony
    • MUSA3100 (MU211) Chromatic Harmony
  • Three historical and cross-cultural electives: one period course, one composer or genre course, one cross-cultural course.

The choice of courses should be made in conjunction with an advisor from the Music Department. In addition, each student should plan to participate in at least two semesters of credit or non-credit performance experience, either as a member of an ensemble or through private lessons, as approved by the Department. The performance option when taken for credit requires three semesters for the equivalent of a three-credit course. See above.

Recommended Course of Study

Students can add music as a minor as late as their Junior year, but no later than second semester as the minor requires a minimum of three consecutive semesters in order to complete the theory sequence of: Fundamentals, Harmony and Chromatic Harmony. The history and cross-cultural component may be taken at any time in conjunction with various levels of theory, although some understanding of Fundamentals is recommended for students with little, previous, formal background in music.