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Learning Outcomes and Assessment of the Music Major

The Music Department has formulated and adopted the following standards in learning and assessment for the music major.

Music majors will acquire knowledge and skills to develop analytical and critical thinking and creative problem solving as applied within a combination of the following core musical disciplines: theory/composition, musicology, ethnomusicology and performance. All graduates, through these core disciplines, will gain the ability to analyze musical texts through the mastery of technical terminology and concepts and to understand music within historical, social, and cultural contexts.

To assess the major and the outcome of these stated outcomes, the Department will:

  • Review Senior Seminar papers to examine students' ability to think critically, to consult sources, and to express clearly their analysis and understanding of complex musical phenomena;
  • Review senior projects in composition examining students' ability to control and shape musical
    materials in a variety of media;
  • Review senior recitals evaluating students' ability to perform clearly, to master a range of techniques
    and to interpret expressively and with understanding in a variety of styles.

The assessments of Senior Seminar papers and senior projects in composition and performance will be made by members of the full-time faculty with recommendations made to the chair.