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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Core Offerings

music department

Three digit numbers will no longer be used to reference courses, but are indicated in parentheses for reference.

The department offers a variety of courses (MUSA1100, MUSA1200, and MUSA1300) that satisfy the University Core requirement in the Arts and that serve as introductions to the various areas of musical knowledge.

MUSA1100 (Formerly MU070)

Fundamentals of Music Theory focuses on technical aspects of the language of music and serves as a prerequisite to Tonal Harmony and further upper level courses in theory and composition, such as Chromatic Harmony, Counterpoint, as well as Jazz Harmony, Instrumentation, and the Seminar in Composition.

MUSA1200 (Formerly MU066)

Introduction to Music offer broad surveys of music history and styles of music, while upper level courses focus on either various periods of Western music history (Middle Ages and Renaissance, Baroque, Classical Era, Romantic Era, 20th century), the historical development of various genres (Opera, Symphony), or the contributions of various individual composers (Bach, Beethoven, Wagner).

MUSA1300 (Formerly MU030)

History of Popular Music offers a socio-historical approach to the history and context of commercial popular music; upper level cross-cultural courses deal with Western traditions (such as Celtic Musics, Irish Folk Music, Music in America, Rhythm and Blues) and non-Western traditions.

Cultural Diversity Requirements

MUSA1320 (MU301) Introduction to Musics of the World, MUSA2306 (MU 306) African Music and MUSA2307 (MU307) Musics of Asia satisfy the Cultural Diversity requirement of the Core.