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About the Music Department

music department

student playing the cello

Welcome to the Music department at Boston College. Here you will find information about the department and the services it provides. First and foremost is information on the Undergraduate Program of instruction in music—our faculty in both academic studies and in performance, information on the undergraduate major and minor and our course listings. In addition to classes in music theory and composition, music history and ethnomusicology, the department provides private lessons in voice and instruments for all levels, from the beginner, to the serious student who wishes to pursue music as a career.

The department is one of many organizations on campus that sponsors concerts, both student concerts and visiting artists, such as the Hawthorne String Quartet and artists-in-residence at Boston College. 

Finally, you can find information about various performing groups, whether part of the Music department, the Bands Program, the Irish Studies Program or the a cappella groups and cultural clubs overseen by the Office of the Dean for Student Development.

The department was founded in 1989 by the late Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, J. Robert Barth, S.J. Our program offers a Bachelor of Arts in music and numbers around 40 music majors and 60 music minors. Majors and minors are required to take courses in theory and composition, the history of the Western art tradition and cross-cultural studies. Majors may use their electives to gain added experience in any of these areas or in performance. Our students pursue the degree for various reasons, either to satisfy their love of music, or with the intent to continue in graduate studies in a professional capacity.

Many of our majors are double majors. Our students with serious music career interests have gone on to graduate programs in performance, music education, composition, ethnomusicology and musicology.

Learn more about the Music Department admission process.