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College of Arts and Sciences

Bachelor of Science Requirements

department of mathematics

The Bachelor of Science program in Mathematics is designed to give students a rigorous and thorough mathematical experience, one that includes connection to another area of scholarship in which mathematics is an essential tool. In particular, the program is strongly recommended for those who wish to pursue graduate study in mathematics.

  The Mathematics major requires completion of at least 36 credits, depending upon the student's preparation in Calculus prior to entering Boston College.
(if necessary)
MT 102 Calculus I (Math and Science Majors), or its equivalent (e.g., four or higher on the Calculus AP exam)
MT 103 Calculus II (Math and Science Majors), or MT 105 Calculus II-AP (Math and Science Majors), or an equivalent (e.g., five on the Calculus BC AP exam).

Required Courses

MT 202 Multivariable Calculus
MT 210 Linear Algebra
MT 216 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics
MT 311-312 Algebra I,II
MT 321-322 Analysis I,II
MT 460 Complex Variables

Required Course Substitution Notes With the approval of the Assistant Chair for Undergraduate Programs, advanced students may omit required courses, substituting three credits in MT courses numbered 400 or higher for each.
Required Elective Courses

Twelve (12) elective credits in MT courses numbered 400 and above.

No more than three credits may be accumulated toward the major in courses granting fewer than three credits.

Science Courses
Twelve (12) credits in natural science, computer science, or economics, science courses.
GPA Requirement A grade point average of at least 1.67 must be achieved in the MT courses which make up your major.


If you have a question about getting started in the major (for 99% of our students, this will be somewhere in the Calculus sequence MT 102 - MT 105 - MT 202), please visit the Mathematics major advisement pages of our Advisement Website.


We also have other pages targeted towards helping you plan your math program and/or make room your schedule if you're thinking about going abroad.


For more information and advice, please contact any of the following:



Assistant Chair for Undergraduate Programs Assistant Chair for Graduate Programs

Solomon Friedberg
Carney 317

Jo-Ann Coe

William Keane
Carney 319

Robert Meyerhoff
Carney 316