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College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Services

department of mathematics

Class Websites

Please consult your class syllabus or instructor's website for any available Internet link.

Tutoring Help

Our tutoring support page contains information about our mathematics tutoring room, as well as links to other tutoring services available on campus.

Selecting Courses

Incoming freshmen (and others, too) can use our on-line advisement system to identify the mathematics course or sequence of courses that is required for your program of study, is most appropriate for your abilities and level of preparation, and best fits your scheduling concerns.

Registration Overrides

We do our best to work with requests for registration overrides into closed courses, favoring students whose scheduling problems are difficult and immediate, in deference to students whose needs are either not immediate or based solely on preferences for one instructor or time over another. Learn more about our policies before asking for an override.

Course Approvals

We have a (short) page of information for students wishing to complete Mathematics courses outside of Boston College for credit and/or to satisfy program requirements.