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College of Arts and Sciences

Science Courses for B.S. in Mathematics

Here is a list of courses in natural science, computer science, and economics that will satisfy the requirements for the B.S. in Mathematics. The Department is also open to other courses with significant mathematical content. Students may consult with the Assistant Chair for Undergraduate Programs about other possibilities.

  • Biology
    • BI200 Molecules and Cells
    • BI202 Organisms and Populations
    • BI304 Cell Biology
    • BI305 Genetics
    • BI420 Introduction to Bioinformatics
    • BI524 Computational Foundations of Bioinformatics
  • Chemistry 
    • CH109(117)-110(118) General (Modern) Chemistry I,II
    • CH351 Analytical Chemistry
    • CH575-576 Physical Chemistry I,II 
  • Computer Science 
    • CS101-102 Computer Science I,II
    • Any upper division course for majors in Computer Science.
  • Economics 
    • EC228 Econometric Methods 
    • EC308 Game Theory in Economics
    • EC311 Mathematics for Economists
  • Geology/Geophysics 
    • GE132-134 Exploring the Earth I,II
    • GE391 Introduction to Geophysics
  • Physics 
    • PH209(211)-210(212) Introduction to Physics (Calculus) I,II Recommended 
    • Any upper division course for majors in Physics