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Information for Study Abroad

Normally, Mathematics majors should have completed MATH 1103, MATH 2202, MATH 2210, and MATH 2216 before going abroad. For students abroad in the second semester of junior year only, you should also complete at least one of MATH 3310/MATH 3311 or MATH 3320/MATH 3321 before leaving.

Students usually may take no more than two mathematics courses for credit towards the mathematics major while abroad, although exceptions may be made if the host institution provides suitable offerings. All courses to be used for major credit must be approved beforehand.

There are no restrictions on what type of mathematics course you may take while abroad, but usually each will be counted as an elective. Choices most commonly available include courses in Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Graph Theory/Combinatorics, Number Theory, Complex Analysis, Probability and Statistics, Mathematical Modeling, and Operations Research.

Substitutes for the required 3300-level courses in Algebra and Analysis may be available while abroad. However, these titles are generic, and thus it is extremely important that you check with the Department about taking either one of these two courses abroad, to be sure that the level of the course matches your background.

Our most recent students taking courses overseas have enrolled in programs at King's College London, the London School of Economics, the University of Glasgow, the University of Copenhagen, the University of Melbourne, and Murdoch University.

Be sure to check the listing of pre-approved math courses at the Center for International Partnerships and Programs website.

For More Information, Advice, and Approval

Feel free to contact any of the following:

Chair Assistant Chair for Undergraduate Programs Assistant Chair for Graduate Programs

Solomon Friedberg
Carney 317

Jo-Ann Coe

William Keane Carney 319

Robert Meyerhoff
Carney 316

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Be sure to plan your schedule ahead and get approval before you go abroad.