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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty and Their Interests

department of mathematics


Name Interests
Avner Ash Ph.D. Harvard University
Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry
Jenny Baglivo Ph.D. Syracuse University
Statistics, Applied Mathematics
Martin Bridgeman Ph.D. Princeton University
Geometry, Topology
Solomon Friedberg Ph.D. University of Chicago
Number Theory, Representation Theory
Joshua Greene Ph.D. Princeton University
Low-dimensional Topology
Benjamin Howard Ph.D. Stanford University
Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry
Tao Li Ph.D. California Institute of Technology
Topology, Geometry of Low-Dimensional Manifolds
G. Robert Meyerhoff Ph.D. Princeton University
Geometry, Topology
Rennie Mirollo Ph.D. Harvard University
Dynamical Systems
Mark Reeder Ph.D. The Ohio State University
Lie Groups, Representation Theory

Associate Professors

Name Interests
John Baldwin Ph.D. Columbia University
Low-dimensional Topology, Contact Geometry
Daniel W. Chambers Ph.D. University of Maryland
Probability, Stochastic Processes, Statistics
Dawei Chen Ph.D. Harvard University
Algebraic Geometry
C-K Cheung Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley
Complex Differential Geometry, Several Complex Variables
Maksym Fedorchuk Ph.D. Harvard University
Algebraic Geometry
Elisenda Grigsby Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
Low-dimensional Topology
Robert Gross Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Algebra, Number Theory, History of Mathematics
William J. Keane Ph.D. University of Notre Dame
Abelian Group Theory
David Treumann Ph.D. Princeton University
Algebraic Geometry, Representation Theory

Assistant Professors

 Name Interests
Ian Biringer
Ph.D. University of Chicago
Qile Chen Ph.D. Brown University
Algebraic Geometry
Dubi Kelmer Ph.D. Tel Aviv University
Number Theory, Spectral Theory
Brian Lehmann Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Algebraic Geometry

Assistant Professors of the Practice of Mathematics

Name  Interests
Juliana Belding Ph.D. University of Maryland
Mathematics Education
Marie Clote D.E.A. Université Paris VII
Ellen Julia Goldstein Ph.D. Tufts University
Algebraic Groups, Representation Theory
Robert Reed Ph.D. University of Wisconsin
Mathematical Logic
Jamison Wolf Ph.D. Tufts University
Probability, Stochastic Processes

Visiting Assistant Professors

Name Interests
Jeffery Breeding-Allison Ph.D. University of Oklahoma
Number Theory, Representation Theory
Luke Cherveny Ph.D. University of California at Los Angeles
Complex Differential Geometry
Baris Coskunuzer

Ph.D. Princeton University
Geometric Topology, Minimal Surfaces

Jonah Gaster Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago
Teichmuller Theory, Hyperbolic  3-Manifolds, Quasi-Fuchsian Groups
Matt Grimes Ph.D. University of Colorado Boulder
Algebraic Geometry
Igor Minevich Ph.D. Brown University
Cohomology of Topological Groups; Applications to Number Theory
Ari Shnidman Ph.D. University of Michigan
Number Theory

Part-Time Faculty

Name Interests
Crystal Fantry M.S. Boston College
Mathematics Education
Paul Garvey Ph.D. Old Dominion University
Risk and Mathematical Decision Theory
Patrick Quillen Ph.D University of Kentucky
Numerical Analysis

Retired Faculty

Name Interests
Gerald G. Bilodeau Ph.D. Harvard University
Robert J. Bond Ph.D. Brown University
Gerard E. Keough Ph.D. Indiana University
Charles K. Landraitis Ph.D. Dartmouth University
Richard A. Jenson Ph.D. University of Illinois
Nancy Rallis Ph.D. Indiana University
Ned Rosen Ph.D. University of Michigan
John H. Smith Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Paul R. Thie Ph.D. University of Notre Dame