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College of Arts and Sciences

Internet Links and Resources

resources of interest available on the web

Databases and Journals

The BC Library maintains a web page of mathematics resources. BC library.

Miscellaneous Links

The Math Forum Student Center has terrific math resources for all levels.

The Mathematical Association of America website has many interesting features of interest to math students and professional mathematicians alike.

Math Horizons is a magazine for students interested in mathematics that aims to expand their intellectual and career horizons.

The Math in Daily Life web site discusses this that's why we're taking this class!

The American Mathematical Society has collected accessible essays on a variety of topics written by mathematicians: Voting Games, Mathematical Marriages, Resolving Bankruptcy Claims, Slingshots and Spaceshots, among others.

Math in the Media: Keep informed and entertained with this centralized tracker of articles about mathematics that appear in newspapers and science magazines.

Are you interested in history? Here is a website concerned with the History of Mathematics.

The American Mathematical Society offers a service providing e-mail notification of mathematics news and of upcoming deadlines. These are issued about once a month. American Mathematical Society