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College of Arts and Sciences

Ph.D. Program

department of mathematics

About Our Program

The Mathematics department at Boston College now offers a selective and focused doctoral program for talented students specializing in two broad research areas, Geometry/Topology and Number Theory/Representation Theory. Mathematics Graduate Brochure

The research areas of our faculty in Geometry/Topology include:

  • three-dimensional manifolds and their geometry;
  • Heegaard-Floer and Khovanov homology;
  • hyperbolic geometry;
  • Kleinian groups;
  • knot theory;
  • dynamics; and
  • geometry of moduli space.

Faculty interested in these research areas are: Professors Bridgeman, Grigsby, LiMeyerhoff, Baldwin, Chen, Greene, Biringer and Treumann.

The research areas of our faculty in Number Theory/Representation Theory include:

  • automorphic forms;
  • the cohomology of arithmetic groups;
  • the geometry of Shimura varieties;
  • the local Langlands correspondence;
  • multiple Dirichlet series;
  • representation theory;
  • algebraic geometry; and
  • spectral geometry.

Faculty interested in these research areas are: Professors Ash, Friedberg, Gross, Howard, Reeder, Chen, Kelmer, Fedorchuk, Treumann and Geraghty.

Our internationally recognized faculty publish in these areas in top journals while participating in events such as the Joint BC-MIT Number Theory Seminar and the Hamilton Geometry and Topology Workshop, Trinity College, Dublin.


Application Requirements

Degree Requirements

Financial Aid

We offer financial aid stipends and tuition remission for qualified students. It is anticipated that support will be provided for five years of study, given reasonable progress toward the degree and acceptable performance of TA/TF duties.

Mathematics in Boston

Boston College is one of the Boston area’s premier institutions, which includes over 50 area universities and colleges. Boston is a world-renowned center for Mathematics and provides a vibrant intellectual climate in which graduate students thrive, with many outdoor and cultural opportunities in the beautiful New England area.

Boston College is a member of the Graduate Consortium, and BC mathematics graduate students may cross-register for one course each semester at Boston University, Brandeis, or Tufts.

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