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Math Course Selection and Advice

math advisement

Students majoring in Mathematics complete a core of five or seven courses, depending on degree program, plus a number of electives.

Core Courses for Math Majors

The core courses for the B.A. program are:

The core courses for the B.S. program are:

Notes for Freshman Majors

  1. Students with no Calculus AP credit or with no Calculus background will usually prepare by taking MATH1102 Calculus I (Math and Science Majors), and continuing to MATH1103 Calculus II (Math and Science Majors).
  2. Students with Calculus AP credit and a year of a "Calculus AB" curriculum will usually prepare with MATH1105 Calculus II-AP (Math and Science Majors).
  3. Students who studied a year of a "Calculus BC" curriculum and achieved a score of five on the Calculus BC Advanced placement exam should consider enrolling directly in MATH2202 Multivariable Calculus.
  4. More complete information on choosing your first course from among the Calculus courses MATH1102, MATH1103, MATH1105, and MATH2202 is available on our Math and Science Calculus Information pages.
  5. In a handful of special cases, it may be both possible and reasonable to bypass the Calculus sequence altogether and begin either with the MATH2210 Linear Algebra course, or even the MATH2216 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics course. We highly recommend that you talk to the Assistant Chair for Undergraduates, or e-mail the Department directly if you think this might be appropriate for you.
  6. Our recent experience has shown that about one third of eventual majors take MATH2202 as a first course at BC; slightly more take MATH1103/MATH1105 as a first course at BC; and slightly fewer take MATH1102 as a first course.  

Elective Courses for Math Majors

The major is completed with electives, the number and nature of which depend on the degree program.

More information about elective courses can be found through our Department website on the Math Major Requirements page